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Coat your costly machineries & structral steels to save high cost of replacements


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Our Research Organisation has successfully developed a special Class of Co-polymer Plastic Based Anti-Corrosion Coating Compounds through exhaustive work conducted over severalfact.jpg (22208 bytes) years. This is quite a new Class of products, not placed in the market ever before by any Manufacturer and hence, we claim these as our Monopoly products.

Since last ten years, we are marketing these Anti - Corrosion Coating Compounds on a large scale and to a great satisfaction of our Customers. The product takes, an excellent bonding with Metal surfaces and offers a very good protection against corrosion resulting from a wide range of industrial chemicals, gases and adverse weather conditions.

The products are variously coloured and their coatings almost look like those of paints.


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Since paints are devised for protecting metal surfaces, it is broadly believed that all paints are anti-corrosion paints. But it is not a correct version. All oil-based paints, for example, are not anti-corrosion paints. They are merely decorative paints which protect the metal surface partially against the climatic corrosion but fail to stand against the drastic corrosion caused by various industrial chemicals & gases.

Today, there exist in the World over Fifteen Million known chemicals of Organic & Inorganic origin. Hence it is obvious that there cannot exist a single, all - purpose, Anti-corrosion paint or Coating material that can effectively combat the corrosions resulting from such a wide range of chemicals. Thus, ’Anti-Corrosion Paint’ itself is a loosely defined term that gives no clear promise for an effective and versatile anti-corrosion effect.


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Our Anti-corrosion Compounds are SINGLE-PACK, ready-to-use products which do not require the addition of a Hardener / Catalyst at the time of use, as it is necessary in the case of Polyurethane and Epoxy classes of anti- corrosion paints.

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For application of our products, the laborious and expensive method of sandblasting for cleaning the rusted metal surface is not necessary. Just a thorough manual cleaning with metal sharpnels & steel-wire brushes is enough.


Though CORREPEL possesses a unique self priming property, the use of our special Primer is recommended to produce a durable coating. However, in the absence of our Primer, a suitable Zinc Phosphate / Zinc Chromate primer can be used.


The components of our Anti-corrosion Compound chemically react and set into a stiff acp_ship.jpg (4369 bytes)Co-polymer plastic laminate through inter-molecular cross-linkages and takes a strong bonding with the clean metal surface. The resultant coating is impermeable to air & gases.


VERY  IMPORTANT: The most spectacular feature of our Products is that owing to the excellent solvation property, the well-stuck part of the old coating re-softens and completely merges with the new coating to produce a single consolidated coating at the time of next application.

This means, while cleaning, do not remove the well-stuck part of the old coating off the metal surface at the time of next application. Just apply a fresh coating over the well-stuck old coating to produce an even coating. Thus, the continued use of CORREPEL ultimately produces such a tough coating on the metal surface which latest very long and becomes extremely resistant to the drastic conditions of corrosion. The coating effectively protects metal structures against the corrosion of saline weather conditions in coastal areas.


Besides metals, our Coating Compounds give an excellent bonding with concrete surfaces. The product components in solution penetrate into the porous concrete surface through absorption and form plastic tentacles within the substrate which firmly hold the coating to afford an extra strong bonding with the concrete surface. The coating prevents erosion of the concrete by weather, water, chemicals and gases.


The coating prevents the growth of fungus, moss, algae and other vegetative as well as bacterial life.

8. The heat tolerance temperature of the coating is about 125-135 deg. C. acp_tanker.jpg (17117 bytes)
9. Coverage of CORREPEL: Two Litres of the material give TWO coatings on about 65-70 Sq.Ft. area of the metal surface, previously coated with a Primer.

Coverage of our A.C. Primer: One Litre of the Primer gives ONE coating on about 65-70 Sq.Ft. area of the cleaned metal surface. Dry Film Thickness: Collective DFT of Primer & Two coatings of CORREPEL is about 125-140 Microns. (1 Mil = 0.025 mm = 25 Microns)

10. Minimum Self-life of the A.C. Coating Compound in well closed containers is about 12 Months.

NOTE: The Products are supplied in about Thirty fixed shades in 20LTR & 5LTR packings. However, products in any other colour- choice of the Customers can be made and supplied as a special Order ( At least 500 L) against their shade sample, of course subject to the possibility of doing so without sacrificing the anti-corrosion property of the Compound.


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Remove the thick scales of rust on the metal surface with mild hammer strokes and clean out the surface thoroughly by scratching with metal sharpnels and steel-wire brushes. Then remove the loose rust particles on the metal surface by rubbing with dry cloth. Remove the stains of grease or oils, if any, on the metal surface by cleaning with kerosene or petrol. acp_fact.jpg (7593 bytes)

Make sure that the cleaned metal surface is completely dry before application On the clean and dry metal surface, first give a coating of our special Primer or a suitable Zinc Phosphate/Zinc Chromate Primer and allow to dry for one day. Shake the Compound in the container very well. Give two even coatings of the material with nylon brushes, each coating at an interval of one day Please mark, our Products being Solvent- based, the first coating does not give a complete hiding of the lower surface. The final coating, however, produces a total hiding of the lower surface. While giving the coatings, do not unduly rub the brush for a long time over the same spot. This leads to the formation of plastic fibres on the brush which disturb the coating with the pulling effect. In fact, this is a peculiar property of our Co-polymer Compounds.

To avoid fibres again take a little fresh material or thinner on the brush and make an even coating. The surface of the coating becomes replica rolex tack-free within six hours and dries up completely within 24 hours. Total hard drying through complete cross-linkages of the Co-polymer takes about a week.

1) At the end of use, quickly wash out the used brushes with our Thinner or Xylene.
2) If the Compound/Primer becomes thick due to solvent-loss through improper capping of the containers, thin it as necessary by adding to it our Thinner or Xylene. Do not use Turpentine, kerosene or oils for thinning since they spoil the material.
3) Though commercial quality Xylene is available in chemical markets, our speicial Thinner will be supplied to the users as per their need.

While making the Primer/Compound application in non-ventilated or poorly ventilated conditions, arrange a powerful Exhaust Fan to evacuate the solvent vapours and protect the workmen from suffocation. Avoid flames and smoking to save from fire or explosion while working under such closed - conditions. It is, however, advised to avoid the applications in closed conditions.


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Our Anti-Corrosion Compounds effectively protect iron structurals such as,
  • Beams, girders, pillars, railings etc. of buildings & bridges;
  • Chemical Plant equipments such as the external sides of vessels tanks, pumps, pipelines, etc. Gas & Oil pipelines of fertiliser& power industries;
  • T.V. & Microwave Transmission Towers;
  • Docks and harbour installations including ships, mechanised crafts etc.,
  • Cranes & earth-moving equipments;
  • Under-surface of Railway Coaches, Wagons, Gurders, Rail Tracks, Storage Tanks, Truck Tankers, Motor Cars & Scooters;
  • Sluicegates, valves and other irrigation structures; sewage and water-treatment plants;
  • Metal and concrete tanks of Gober gas plants; R.C.C. water storage tanks,
  • Electricity poles,
  • R.C.C. pipes, concrete machinery foundations and
  • Various other domestic uses such as the protection window grills gates, shutters etc.


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